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Pre-Cut Log Home Packages

Precision Pre-Cutting From Lock-Tite Log Systems

Precision Pre-Cut Log Kits

Lock-Tite Log Systems goes to England! Click Here for details on our trip to England. We sent this kit (2) 40 foot, overseas shipping containers to the UK and went to provide on-site startup support.

Click the image above to view our 3D pre-cut presentation!

Lock-Tite Log Systems is proud to offer precision pre-cut log kits, precision pre-cut roof systems, presision pre-cut floor systems and also stairway kits. These kits are designed to remove the labor intensive field cutting that is normally required with a non-precut home.

When you purchase the pre-cutting option, your home will ship with a full set of cad designed cut lists, with all engineering/assembly instructions you will need to assemble the kit.

When a Precision Pre-Cut Kit is ordered each and every section of the home is cut, and pre-assembled to ensure absolute accuracy and a perfect fit.
Each and every pre-cut kit is cad engineered before the logs are milled or cut. A custom "cut-list" is generated for your home and allows us to efficently use log footage and greatly minimize waste. With a traditional field cut kit the risk of waste and cutting errors greatly increase.
When your kit is delivered you will receive a copy of the "cut-list" used to pre-cut your home. This list will show you the location of each and every log in your home, each log is also labled with a corresponding row number and code to ensure error free placement.
Each and every "pre-cut" kit is equipped with our end-spline system. This system consists of a groove milled in to the butt ends of each log and where the logs meet the window and door systems. During assembly this groove is filled with construction adhesive and a hardwood spline, the resulting system provides an airtight & watertight seal at each joint in the log kit.
Precision Pre-Cut Laminated second floor systems, roof systems and stairway systems all add beauty, strength, and simplicity of assembly to your home. Each component is custom cut and fit before it is packaged for delivery to ensure a error free and painless assembly.
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Lock-Tite Log Systems
470 B. Leazer Road
N.C. 28147

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