Special Services

Lock-Tite Log Systems prides itself on ensuring that you are satisfied with your purchase and the construction of your home is as worry free and efficent as possible. Therefore, we offer the following services to assist you in the construction of your home.

On-Site Startup Assistance:
Our highly trained support crew will come to your site and assist you in getting your log package started. They will show you how to avoid common mistakes and ensure that you are comfortable building your log home. If you have a contractor assisting or building the home for you we would be delighted to come to your site and instruct them on the best way to build with our products. There may be a travel expense fee for this assistance, but no employee compensation is required.

Pre-Cut Corner Solutions:
We can pre-cut the corners for your log home. If you purchase a pre-cut log kit this service is included however it is also available if you just buy log footage. Corner cutting is time consuming and quite complex if you do not possess the right equiment. A simple butt & pass corner system can be cut in the field by an experinced log builder, more complex corner systems such as dovetail corners, compound butt & pass, and interlocking corners can save you time & field labor if they are pre-cut.

Pre-Cut Window & Door Bucks:
Once you have decided on the brand of window you wish to purchase for your home, we can custom build window & door bucks to ensure that the walls in your home will stay aligned and true. These bucks are built based upon the manufacturers rough opening sizes and incorperate a spline groove to keep your logs in line properly and provide an airtight & watertight seal.

Pre-Cut Starter Plates:
Pre-cut starter plates are available to ensure that your home gets started off on the right foot. This specially designed plate keeps the log up off of the sub-floor and helps to keep the log wall dry druing construction and even after porches & decks are built. Using a starter plate also gives you the ability to correct variations in height of the subfloor or foundation that would keep the log kit from being started on a perfectly level & straight plane.