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Log Home History
Jim Kilgore & Lock-Tite Log Systems

Lock-Tite Log Systems was established in 1977 as a trade name associated with the log system we were selling at that time.

The original log design was advanced more than most log designs of that era.

From this humble beginning the Lock-Tite Logs we produced did work better and seal up tighter than most of our competitors.

In 1980 we were one of the first companies to make the switch to 100% Kiln-Dried logs. This reduced the weight of the log where we could get 1500 linear feet more logs on a single truck. This made the mid-west and California a favorable market. In addition, to the weight savings we were also producing a log home with less shrinkage and as a bonus a log that was insect free. We pioneered and marketed this concept offering one of very few homes that were truly insect free. Many log home companies in the 1970's and 1980's had insect problems. In our early years between 1977 and 1980 our homes along with most of our competitors had insect risks, once we switched to Kiln-Drying we killed all live insects and their larvae. We had one of the first insect free log homes before it became a major issue throughout the log home industry. In 1990 Jim started thinking about laminated logs. He belived that lamination had to be the way of the future, so in 1991 Jim visited a plant that manufactured engineered glu-lam beams and expressed his intrest in using these beams to build log homes. We discovered that laminated cants could be purchased and then milled into log profiles. We also discovered that our cost could remain competitive with the traditional log home market. Jim's business associate and long time mentor passed away putting the laminated log manufacturing process on hold. Jim continued his dream of the ultimate log; he belived that glue lamination had to be the only way to produce a trouble free log house.

In the mid 1990's Jim started building log homes milled from laminated cants. The logs, floor joists, support beams and roof systems were all composed of laminated materials. The homes looked great, no warps, no cracks, and the best news was the absence of long-term shrinkage and settling. The log system was better than he had ever imagined.

You must realize this log home builder of 20 years had never had his hands on a truly dry, crack free log home. The homes of the day were somewhat dry, but the ability to have each and every piece in the log home DRY and STABLE was non-existent. Suddenly, the process of selecting a log for a special place, avoiding a bad log, saving a log to put in a place where it's defects were not an issue, was made a thing of the past. All of the "normal", "expected" log home construction problems just went away. The Lock-Tite Log Systems family of products are taking the log home to a higher level.