Pre-Cut Interlocking Saddle Notch Corners

The Lock-Tite Interlocking Saddle Notch Corner system ensures that your log corners will seal tight and remain trouble free during the life of your log home. Our corners start with a full size log, and each and every log raises a full 6 1/2".

Pictured here is a single corner composed of two cut logs. The logs are cut "Lefts" and "Right", and it takes one left and one right to make one corner.

Single complete corner, with the next log in place. The second row has a "Left" cut and is open on the top.

Pictured here the "Right" cut log will cross over the "Left" and close the corner.

Another view, as the log is rotated into place.

The "Left" and "Right" corners during assembly

Two complete corners locked into place. Four cuts, 2 left and 2 right.

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