Lock-Tite Log Systems Goes to England! July 2005

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As with all kits from Lock-Tite Log Systems we went to England with a Precision Pre-Cut Kit to provide onsite start-up support. These pictures were taken from July 5th - July 13, and when we left the home was ready for the roof system. (Approx. 8 Days, with rainy weather!)

This home was a custom home 100% Precision Pre-Cut & Drilled. Each component was pre-assembled in our factory then numbered and packaged. In this picture you can see several rows of logs in place along with our engineered window & door bucks. These bucks are used to help hold the walls plumb and straight.
The front of the home had a large glassed in front, the posts and beams used here are laminated (engineered) timbers and were pre cut and assembled before the home left the USA. Assembly on site went extremely fast, there was no field cutting of corners or boring. Our Precision drilling ensured that there were no bolt holes that required re-boring and a speedy assembly.
Pictured here the front glassed in area corner is being assembled, the steel rods protruding out of the tops of the posts are used to secure the purlins that support the roof system.
Here you can see progress up to day 5 with a three person work crew.
The Precision Pre-Cut Gable ends went together flawlessly, two workers were able to totally stack and finish a gable in three hours. This three hours included setting up scaffolding and preparing.
The finished gable end and shortly before we had to leave and head home. In this photo you can see a lot of the different components that went into this home. The center wall where the worker is standing on the ladder is one of two solid interior walls that ran through the home, these walls were mortised into the exterior walls. They were also 100% pre-cut.
Pictured here (left) is our dealer in the UK, Mr. Ray Johnson with Log Homes Direct and (right) the homeowner, Mr. Ken Gillies.
Pictured from left to right: Jim Kilgore (Lock-Tite Log Systems), Jayne & Ken Gillies (Homeowners) and two of the three person crew that built the home.

Update! New Photos!

Heavy timber roof and second floor systems are pictured here. As you can see each system is made up of pre-cut laminated timbers, for an error free and simple installation.
This photo is from the rear of the home, note the pre-cut notches in the center of the gable wall, here purlins will be installed to support the roof system.
This picture was shot from the front of the home, note the open frame in the center of the home, upon completion this will be fitted with glass, this frame structure like our timberframes was pre-cut and engineered before it left for the jobsite.
Here we take a closer look at the frame on the front of the home, note the heavy beams are notched and interlock together, the tie beams are secured to the posts with 3/8" Lag bolts. This frame is not only for apperance it is also structural helping to support the purlin roof system above.
Another shot from below, here the loft floor joists are in place ready for the 2x6 T&G Floor to be installed.
Here the heavy beam purlin system is being set via the assistance of a crane. These purlins will support the roof system and receive 2x8 T&G decking as well as an R-30 roof.
Click Here to see finished photos of this home.