Basic 4 Channel ATV/UTV Stereo Wiring
This howto will give you the basics of how to wire in and set up a 4 channel amplifier on your atv or utv, for this we will be using an iPod/MP3 Player as our source unit. Volume and song selection is controlled right from the iPod or other MP3 Player, and we will assume that we will be using 2 different sets of speakers, such as a pair of 6 1/2" round speakers and a pair of wakeboard tower speakers.

Click Here for a printable PDF version of this diagram.

Click Here for a PDF version for bluetooth and 3.5mm connection.

Your 4 channel amp has 3 connections for power:
* a +12 volt constant source.
* a ground.
* a remote turn on.

The +12 volt lead needs to go to your positive battery terminal
The ground lead needs to go to your negative battery terminal

The remote wire should be run to a toggle switch, illuminated if you wish, this toggle switch can be run right back to the battery so that you can turn on your stereo system at any time.

NOTE: Any time you connect a wire to your positive terminal on the battery it should have an inline fuse attached to it within 12 inches of the battery, this will prevent your ride from going up in smoke if the wire you run gets snagged or shorted to ground.

Next you'll need to wire up your speakers, one wire to each terminal, group like speakers on the same set of outputs, ie channel 1 & 2 could be your 6 1/2" speakers mounted inside the cab of your UTV, while channels 3 & 4 could be your wake tower speakers. You shouldn't have to worry about the ohm load (impedance) when hooking them up like this, if you start putting Multiple 4 ohm's on a single channel you'll likely overheat the amp and run into problems keeping it cool.
(*Clever wiring of your speakers can easily fix ohm load issues if you plan on running 6 or 8 speakers off a single 2 or 4 channel amp email us for help!)

Finally you'll need to connect your signal wires. You'll need a 3.5mm to RCA Adapter such as this one: Available Here

As well as TWO RCA splitters, (one female to 2 male) found here:
RCA Y Adapter (1 Female 2 Male)

Once you have them, connect the male ends of the splitters to the RCA inputs on your amplifier, then connect the 3.5mm headphone to RCA adapter to the splitters, your signal from the iPod/Source is now split into two outputs.
****Note not ALL 4 channel amplifiers require splitters, some will have a 2 channel input mode however; if your amplifier does not say that it will work with a 2 channel input you should plan on buying splitters to save yourself from being annoyed when only half the setup plays!

Volume is controlled completely from your ipod, plug it in, press play, turn on the power switch to the amp, then adjust the volume on your iPod.

Your 4 channel amplifier will have a couple dials on it to set the frequency and gain control, start by setting both of the gain controls on the amplifier to no more than 75%.. Running the gain wide open will likely just give you distortion at higher volumes, Set the frequency controls on the amplifier to cut out heavy bass on smaller speakers or if it has a crossover set them to HIGH PASS, Larger speakers such as wake board speakers or speakers that are in some sort of enclosure can usually handle running FULL RANGE, not LOW RANGE (this setting is for subwoofers). use the crossover dial's to fine tune the sound so you have lots of volume and no distortion. If the sound is muddy at high volumes you need to adjust the amplifier until all the speakers are crisp and clear without distortion.
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