LED Control Module without Audio Interface

NOTE: This is the same module as the WS002a except this version does not have the integrated audio circuitry. If you don't have a stereo this is the module for you!

The LED Control Module also offers support for three independent colors, and your main color (zone 1) can be broken down into six separate channels.

NOTE: These modules are very new, thus we have limited quantities on hand at the moment. Please contact us before ordering if the possibility of having to wait a week or so is an issue!!

Strobe Mode: (10 Patterns)
*Chase patterns, revolving around your ride
*Wig-Wag/Alternate patterns, Front to rear alternation or left to right
*Every Other pattern, Every other light illuminating in sequence
*Multi Zone Strobe - strobe each zone one after the other
*Individual zone strobe - select a single zone (color) for strobing.
*Random Strobe - let the module decide which pattern or effect as it cycles through the available options

Past this the strobe effects begin to combine the different zones together mixing the colors to create new colors.

Solid Color Functions Up to (7 Variations)
The Whoolie Shop LED Control Module also offers static color selection, thus you can pick from any of the three installed zones or combine them for completely new colors

Fade Away (2 speeds) Up to 7 Variations
Fade between the different installed colors on your ride, as well as change the speed of the fade. This feature mixes the colors together creating colors in between the primary 3
The fade pattern goes as follows:
Zone 1 -> Zone 2 -> Zone 3 -> Zone 1 & Zone 2 -> Zone 2 & Zone 3 -> Zone 1 & Zone 3 -> All Zones -> Repeat (Speed either fast or slow)

Static Zone
If you've got some LEDs that you don't want to be included in the fade/strobe/music process we've provided a static zone that comes on when any other mode of the module is active. Thus if you've got a radiator kit installed there's no need to have it wired separately if you wish to keep it lit up solid.

Audio Interface Accessories The following items can be added to your module to save you the trouble of going out and finding them locally.. These items are priced separately as not everyone has the exact same configuration *3.5mm Y cable - (1 male 2 female)
If you are using a 3.5 mm patch cable from your phone/mp3 source you'll need one of these to use the audio module with your stereo setup. Simply plug this into your ride's 3.5mm input then patch in your music source to one side and the LED control module to the other.

*3.5mm extension cable - (1 male 1 female x 6ft)
Depending on where you mount your LED Control module you may need this cable to extend the audio module's 3.5mm input.

Available Options:

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