Watertight NEMA Grommets

Watertight NEMA Grommets
Watertight NEMA Certified Wire Grommets
Available in 3 different sizes depending on your application.

0.20 x 0.32 x 0.49 in. Grommet
This grommet is sized for a Single Pair of 14 AWG Wires. Typically used for single audio tubes where you only need to get a small gauge power/ground wire out of your tube, such as adapters that plug directly into your 12 volt accessory port.

0.28 x 0.37 x 0.56 in. Grommet
These grommets are usually used for split audio tube setups perfect for getting two Pairs of 14 AWG Wires out of your tube, speaker wires to the second tube and power into the main tube.

0.52 x 0.67 x 0.88 in.
These grommets are large enough for Two 8-10 AWG wires as well as a pair of speaker wires. If you're running a high power amplifier wired direct to the battery this is the grommet you need!

Note: These grommets come with threads on one end if you wish to drill and tap your audio tube they can be screwed in.. Otherwise you can trim the threads with a utility knife and glue these grommets in without tapping!

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