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Many of our LED underbody kit's come with Cat's Eyes headlight accent LEDs. These accents use the same high quality bright LED's as in our flexible underbody strips so there's no issue with color matching.
These accents are designed to give your headlight lenses a glow that match your underbody or they can even be used as a stand-alone product. Your headlights retain all the functions they currently have now and gain the glowing effect when your main bulbs are off.
These leds are pre-wired and 12 volt ready, they do require drilling of 3 small holes in the clear plastic of your lens however; so some 2 part epoxy or RTV silicone will be required to prevent your headlight from leaking..
*NOTE Cat's eyes are not available for sealed beam headlights! If your housing uses a replacable bulb and reflector these are what you need to get that wicked glow in your headlights.

We can help you light your sport, utility, or UTV wether you're into rock crawling at night, or just want your bike to stand out from the rest. We've got the latest in LED lighting, from replacement bulbs to flexible LED strips we can help you come up with a lighting solution for your ride. With their extremely low current draw these lights will put much less strain on your battery and charging system than other lighting methods.
Quads, Motorcycles, Golf Carts & Boats are all candidates for our waterproof LED lighting.. LED's are low current draw and will run for hours and hours without drawing down even the smallest battery.
LED Lighting has a ton of uses, from giving your bike a sick glow at night, to adding a set or two of pure white lights to serve as backup lights. If you've got a question on if something can be done give us call and our knowledgeable tech staff will help you find a solution to your lighting needs.
Multiple colors are available (Ice Blue - Lava - Blue - Black Light - Caution - Flame - Pure White - Nuclear - Acid Rain - Cotton Candy). Pictured here a single Flame Colored 9 LED strip mounted inside a standard ice chest/cooler.
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