What makes our LEDs Better?
We are aware there are other manufacturers of LEDs on the market. Here we will show exactly how Whoolie Shop LED products outshine the cheaper flex strips on the market.

There are two main places we hear of people ordering LEDs to light up their rides. One of them is a supplier from China via Ebay, the other is Oznium.

I placed orders with both companies for a 24 LED Flexible strip for comparison purposes. This order was placed August 22nd. We received our LED flex strip from Oznium on August 25th, a three day turnaround.

I ordered the same flex strip from the Ebay supplier in china on August 22nd and received them September 01, a ten day turnaround.

Both strips from the other suppliers look exactly the same, the LEDs from Oznium did come with a strip of double sided tape however it was up to me to apply it. The strip from Ebay had no adhesive tape at all. Whoolie shop Flexible Underbody LEDs come pre-taped with 3m brand adhesive on three sides.

The wires from both suppliers is a very thin gauge wire that resembles very light gauge speaker wire. The Ebay lights had about 18 inches of wire while the LEDs from Oznium came with about 36 inches of wire. Whoolie shop LEDs come with 36" of two conductor wire that is shielded and much more durable.

Ebay/Oznium WiringWhoolie Shop Wiring

Now for a comparison in output. Below is our 12 LED Nuclear Green flex strip vs the ebay 24 LED strip. Here they appear to be the same color... Much to my suprise ordering a "green" flex strip from china gets you a very teal strip of LEDs. Due to the fact that the Whoolie Shop LEDs are so much brighter Our nuclear green strip of 12 completely washes out the teal color.

Just to show the difference in their idea of green, here is the 24 LED strip from china by itself.

You'll see in the photos above we're comparing 24 LED flex strips from the other two suppliers to our 12 LED strip. This is because we ship primarially 12 LED strips in our kits. Not to mention our 12 LED strip blows away the other strips where brightness and output is concerned.

Since matching the colors really wasn't an option and to be thorough; We swapped out the 12 LED Nuclear Green Whoolie Shop flex strip for a 12 LED Whoolie Shop flex strip in Arctic Blue, put both the Ebay and Oznium LEDs alongside it and powered all three strips up. We then took a photo directly above the strips. You can plainly see the Whoolie Shop flex strip is again washing the color out where you can't see the green of the other suppliers.
ComparisonWhoolie ShopOzniumEbay
Flex Strip Size12 LED24 LED24 LED
Application Specific Kits?YESNONO
3M AdhesivePre-Applied 3 Sides1 Strip Supplied Not AppliedNONE
Ship Time2-3 Days3 Days12-21 Days
Install Kits Available?YESNONO
Price Per Strip$15.20$11.49$5.58 +/-
*Above prices do not include shipping costs.

Warranty Information - The Whoolie Shop
The Whoolie Shop guarantees that our LEDs and kits are free from defects in workmanship and they will arrive to you exactly as described. We intend on selling you a underbody kit that will last as long as your wheeler and we stand behind our product 100%. We know exactly what abuse you're going to put them through be it vibration, complete submersion in water, buried in mud and snow or beat with sticks and brush. Our LEDs are the toughest, brightest strips you'll find and if for any reason part or all of a strip fails we will replace it, period.

Warranty Information - Ebay
The flex strips you'll find on Ebay are warrantited for 30 days with YOU paying the return shipping (Which was 4 1/2 times the item cost) to China for the following reasons:
1) item is damaged during transit or defective
2) item is not as described
3) they shipped you the wrong product.

Warranty Information - Oznium
Oznium warranties their products for 365 days from day of original purchase
*All photos in this comparison were taken with the same camera on automatic settings with no retouching, photos were resized to fit this page.
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